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Indoor Lighting Contractors East Sussex

CB Electrical Contractors (SE) Ltd are professional Lighting Contractors East Sussex and are proud members of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) priding ourselves in helping clients move towards a more energy efficient future. Our Lighting Contractors East Sussex can do this by doing a site survey of your current lighting scheme, and give you help and tips on how to save money. This doesn’t always mean installing new products, it could just be changing your habits. The main thing is, our Lighting Contractors East Sussex will be frank and honest with you. We prefer keeping our clients satisfied, that way, they keep coming back to us for more.

Indoor Lighting Contractors Hastings East Sussex

Did you realise that more than half of premises open to the public have lights running ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, when the room already has an acceptable level of ambient daylight. This is just a bad habit and our Lighting Contractors East Sussex will point out that we have all been guilty of at some point in our lives.
Did you know that the most energy efficient light bulb, is the one which is switched off. Our electrical lighting contractors East Sussex designs have made a difference to the building environment in various kinds of buildings.

We are sure that our Lighting Contractors East Sussex can enhance your building too, with our bespoke lighting design schemes. Call CB Electrical Lighting Contractors East Sussex today, and let’s get started on transforming your lighting! Our Lighting Contractors East Sussex work all over Hastings, East Sussex, Kent, London and Essex. Call now and speak to one of our electrical lighting contractors East Sussex for an informal chat.

LEDLighting Contractors Near Me In Hastings
Indoor Lighting Contractors Near Me In Hastings

Indoor Outdoor Bespoke Lighting Contractors East Sussex

Correct lighting design can also accentuate a structure, and bring to life a building façade. Our experience as Lighting Contractors East Sussex can complement certain architecture creating a dramatic ambiance. We can utilise innovative lighting products, including LED technologies, enhanced by a wide range of lighting control equipment suited to your building environment. Often, lamp types and controls can be retro-fitted to your existing installations, providing significant running cost savings by improving energy efficiency. CB Electrical Contractors are happy to send our lighting contractors East Sussex to survey your building and offer a bespoke cost effective solution to suit your requirements.

How Can Lighting Help You And The Environment

Lighting Contractors East Sussex Who Care

Finding the right Lighting Contractors East Sussex can transform a building in so many ways, which in turn can have a positive or negative effect on your family or staff. Correct lighting in the office can create a better working environment, changing the way workers feel, and increasing energy levels and productivity.

CB Electrical Contractors are experienced Lighting Contractors East Sussex who have been designing and installing lights across Hastings, East Sussex, Kent, London and Essex for over 20 years. Our electrical lighting contractors West Sussex can create a happier, healthier workplace by uniformly lighting office spaces, decreasing shadows and avoiding very bright lighting. This can only improve ambient working conditions for your staff. Our lighting contractors East Sussex also ensure compliance with all the latest legislation and trends.

LEDLighting Contractors Near Me In Hastings

If you are on a computer all day, it is imperative to have regular eye checks.

Lighting is crucially important for the health and well being of your staff.

Bad office lighting can cause headaches, stress and bad vision, especially for those on the computer all day.

If your staff is still using big monitors on their computers then tut tut. You need to replace all the ‘tube like’ monitors pronto and upgrade them to flat LCD screens.