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Do you remember when you would do nothing but dream of having multimedia electrics.
Stop dreaming now!

How Much Do Multimedia Systems Cost?

This is not just for the rich and famous any more. Years ago, multimedia contractors East Sussex would have carried out installations costing £250K. Nowadays, you can get tablets that can control your heating, lighting and CCTV for around £300. That’s a big difference.

A good multimedia system or multimedia installations East Sussex is no longer for those on big incomes, who live in fancy houses. For only £300 you can a tablet that controls your lighting, heating and CCTV all in one.
Multimedia contractors have also fitted multimedia systems costing over £250,000.

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Home Cinema Systems East Sussex

Home Cinema Systems East Sussex

We believe that a home cinema or a really nice TV on the wall is for everyone, not just the privileged. In fact, we have even installed a TV in a bath, waterproof, obviously. Crazy but cool.

Even now, in these last days of the British recession, and being left with a low bank balance, you can still afford to have an HD home cinema for as little as £700.

What a great way to entertain friends, family and children for years to come without a hefty price tag.
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The Moral

No job is too small, No job is too big.

Using Multimedia Installations East Sussex and Multimedia Systems, tablets and a range of free apps, is a super easy solution for controlling energy and appliances in your home or business. Our Multimedia Contractors work across Hastings, East Sussex, Kent, London and Essex.

When homes already have lots of remote controls, using your tablet instead of a multi sensory remote is convenient, because it rarely gets lost behind a sofa. Since CB Electrical Contractors first began multimedia installations East Sussex and multimedia systems, using a central server for music, wall controls, ceiling speakers etc. the cost has reduced dramatically by 95%!! That shows how long our multimedia contractors have been in this game.

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